Set Electrical Equipment Clearance using RayBounce

The RayBounce node has been used in numerous graphs but I couldn’t find a practical use case for it in a MEP workflow.
Not long before I realized that the painstaking task of setting the clearance height for hundreds of panels could be automated using the very same node.
It might not be a foolproof solution but definitely does wonders for something that was built on the fly.
We are using the RayBounce.ByCategory node from BimorphNodes instead of the OOTB RayBounce node since the other one works well with Link Elements and also provides us with an opportunity to use a category. What this magical node does is that it returns positions and elements hit by ray originating from a specified origin point and direction. And that’s exactly what was needed to set the clearance of our equipment.
Step 1
Get the panels using the 3 methods suggested in the image.
Step 2

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