Painting in Revit

Grasshopper is pretty amazing at Image Sampling and it’s mesmerizing to see what a few bunch of nodes can bring out of an image. We wanted to check if the same could be done using Dynamo as the computational engine and Autodesk Revit as the canvas.

And it turns out that Dynamo can be pretty fun too! Here is a quick blog to get you started with image sampling in Dynamo.

To get started you’ll need:

• Autodesk Revit [2019 or above]
• Dynamo [2.0.x or above]
• A square image [about 500 x 500 px]

• [BIMSIO] Circles from Image.dyn – Click to Download
• [BIMSIO] Create Line Styles.dyn – Click to Download

Step 1

The first step is to create the colored line styles, that can be done using [BIMSIO] Create Line Styles.dyn

Go through the README block to understand more about the script.

You’ll need to have the BimorphNodes package installed to run this script.

It is recommended to use the colors defined in the script. But feel free to change the palette as per your need.
In case if you plan to change, make sure you only change the shade of already defined color scheme.
i.e You can change the input for Cyan to some other shade of Blue. But it is not recommended to change the Cyan input with other colors such as Red, Black, Green, etc.

Once you run the graph, you will have a palette of 7 colored Line Styles ready.

Step 2

The next step is to convert your image into a painting. For this we’ll be using [BIMSIO] Circles from Image.dyn

Select the image file and hit run. If you need to optimize the result try changing the other parameters as described in the README block or else leave it to the defaults.


This script has not been perfected for end users. So feel free to tweak it to make the best of of it.


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